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Sep 19, 2022
Hi Bitcoin Forum!

We're here to share the launch of CryptoCookies, a blockchain trading platform that allows users to trade options in a hassle-free, fun and engaging way. With a bit of help from the residents of the Cookie Cosmos, users choose their 'Cookie' (how far from the market they want to be), the market direction, and if they believe it will get there (or if it won’t at all) within their chosen timeframe. CryptoCookies will map it to the right option and leave the transaction up to the blockchain. No money is held, and the system is fully collateralized with users trading directly from the wallet app.We believe that every trader should have access to the same financial products regardless of their wealth or experience, so we're on a mission to bring this to you with the help of the blockchain; it's a quick, simple and effective way to trade options.

Chains currently available: ETH, BSC and AVAX

Development Timeline:
2021-2022 - Concept finalised and website built
22 Jun 2022 - App audited:
12 Jul 2022 - We launched our website and got our first customer!

In the pipeline:
New chains
New coins
Working on growing our customers

We'd be grateful if users could check out our app and provide constructive feedback that will help us continue our aim to provide an intuitive, fun options trading platform that is accessible to everyone regardless of their experience in crypto. Please also consider signing up to our newsletter for further updates, following us on social (links can be found at the bottom of our website) and spreading the word about us.If you have any questions for us please feel free to ask away, we'd love to chat!
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