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Feb 18, 2018
Hi all,

I'd like to introduce Cryptocoin Watch (

What is Cryptocoin Watch?

  • Cryptocoin Watch is an honest, accurate, and transparent coin "market cap" listing database. The Cryptocoin Watch platform promotes uniformity and transparency within the Cryptocurrency industry.

How does Cryptocoin Watch benefit me?

  • Cryptocoin Watch benefits the user through refreshing candor. The platform provides users with accurate pricing of all cryptocurrencies available to us from our listed exchanges, essentially in real time.

What makes Cryptocoin Watch better?

  • Cryptocoin Watch is the most transparent coin "market cap" database. We provide users with as explicit much information as possible. For example, have you ever noticed on other market evaluation websites, often, they don't provide you with the actual time a price was retrieved from an exchange? (Think about CoinMarketCap, it is always "Recently"). Cryptocoin Watch gives you the complete timestamp from when an amount was retrieved, allowing you (the user) to get an accurate, honest picture of what data we are providing.
  • Cryptocoin Watch is the most honest coin "market cap" database. For all of our pricing data, there are legends. For example, consider CoinMarketCap, again. Have you ever wondered, how do they tell me the USD price of a pair on an exchange that lacks any USD pairs to begin with? Cryptocoin Watch tells you precisely how each amount was retrieved, and whether the amount shown is an averaged price or an explicit price straight from an exchange itself.
  • Cryptocoin Watch is the most accurate coin "market cap" database. All of our coin data is provided only from our listed exchanges, which are all updated as close to real time as possible.
  • Cryptocoin Watch promotes uniformity. For example, consider how many coins are named under the same symbol (BAT, for example, which has 3+ different coins associated with the symbol). Cryptocoin Watch enforces unique symbols to be used for each coin in an effort to calm confusion among the public.

Thank you for reading, and please leave suggestions, concerns, questions in the comments below (we'd appreciate all the feedback we can get to enhance your experience)!

Cryptocoin Watch
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