Crypto Visa pre-paid card

Mar 24, 2020
Hello, World!

We would like to introduce our new product – Prepaid Cards that you might find very interesting.

IBANDIRECT is a project that provides an opportunity for our customers to order Visa Prepaid Card and make practical use of cryptocurrency in the real world.


- Deposit by BTC or EUR

- The card is connected to SEPA network

- Cash withdrawal from any ATM worldwid

- The card is issued in EUR

- Secure and safe by secure and certified system

- Contactless Technology

- Online account to see balances and transactions

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Get up to 20% revenue from referred parties.

To find out more, please sign up and contact us.

If you require any additional information about our product, don’t hesitate to ask.


New Member
Feb 27, 2019
prepaid card? only BTC and EUR, that kinda sucks if you combine it with possibilites that other crypto cards are giving you. Everything seems to be okay when it comes to standard fees - card deposits are 1%, which is understandable, even though i wouldn't want to pay anything for loading my card. Account opening - 10 EUR, this is really weary. The competition has much better cards in 2020, like the one from CoinDeal for example - - it's a VISA debit card connected with your exchange account. I simply cannot trust anyone who's giving such fees for almost nothing ;/


New Member
May 27, 2020
Hey there! You can check Blackcatcard, that a euro prepaid card with hot wallet but its Mastercard =( if this option is as well appropriate for you