Crypto-to-FIAT exchange welcomes clients from medium-high risk countries


New Member
Mar 21, 2019
Dear traders,
some of you may find it difficult to pass KYC identification due to being either a resident or citizen of medium-high risk country.
Not us IF you're legit. Meaning, if you're ready to pass identification process (KYC) and you understand that there'll be quite harsh AML processing on your payments and you will probably have to prove your sources are legit from time to time, you are welcome to join.

Also, you will be able to apply for our partner's crypto-friendly personal IBAN, if in need.

So, in addition to low-risk countries, we'll support/board residents, citizens and companies from these countries/regions:
Brazil, China, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Thailand, Belarus, India, Taiwan, Turkey.

To get informed on when the boarding starts, join the waiting list here: