Crypto isn't going anywhere: How it infiltrated higher education


Jul 2, 2019
There was a time when the debate about blockchain and cryptocurrency was whether the technology will survive or not. Those days seem to be behind us, as from all indication, this new technology has come to stay. In this post, we will be looking at some of the developments that have brought the industry to understand that crypto isn’t going anywhere, with a focus on how it infiltrated higher education.

There is an old saying that if you want to change people, all you have to do is to change the way they think. Actual change comes from a change of mindset, which in itself can only happen through education.

How has blockchain education evolved?

In the early days of blockchain and cryptocurrency, only a few people talked about it. What you would find back then were some simple informal settings where groups would come together at meet-ups or small seminars to discuss the new technology. Gradually, the crypto audiences began to grow, and bigger gatherings in the form of workshops and international conferences became the order of the day.

These kinds of gatherings still retain the reputation as the birthplace of many of the leading innovations that we have today in the blockchain and crypto industry. These were the kind of gatherings that encouraged networking and partnerships that have led to successful projects. In addition, they also served as platforms for cross-border transfer of intellectual capacity within the industry.

Most of the times, the attendees of these major international conferences return to their own countries to share what they have learnt from industry leaders from around the globe. Names like Andreas Antonopoulos, Roger Ver, Vitalik Buterin, Vinny Lingham among others were prominent in these conferences back then.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency in tertiary education

Time has passed and the method of transferring knowledge in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry has evolved. What we have today is blockchain and cryptocurrency courses being offered in regular universities, and across several disciplines.

Several universities today offer courses around blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The fact that the technology cuts across many disciplines makes it even more interesting. Unlike the general perception that blockchain and cryptocurrency is based on computer science, it has found implementation in other disciplines like administration, accounting, legal studies, and even supply chain management. Therefore, it is common to find various blockchain courses at the same university. This is a development that further solidifies the idea of “Crypto isn’t going anywhere: How it infiltrated higher education.”

Here are some of the top universities of the world where courses on blockchain and cryptocurrency are offered:

  • Cornell University

  • Duke University

  • Georgetown University

  • MIT

  • NYU

  • Princeton University

  • RMIT University

  • Stanford University

  • University of California at Berkeley

  • University of Nicosia

While these courses are available for resident students on the school campus, some of them are made available to people who want to take them from remote locations. Some of these online courses can be accessed through platforms like Coursera. This makes the availability of the educational material more widespread, further pushing the idea that crypto has come to stay.

Education is the backbone of civilization

Compared to a few years ago, the level of blockchain and crypto awareness has grown significantly. This is what will surely push the technology towards mainstream adoption. This time around, the awareness goes beyond just knowing that the technology exists. It goes deeper, into understanding the fundamentals of blockchain and cryptocurrency, and how it can be implemented in mainstream departments.

Education remains the most fundamental route to bring about lasting change. It is the main tool that is behind civilization. The level of education and awareness always defines the line between the developed and the under-developed world. This is not different with technological advancements.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology is already gaining grounds in different parts of the world, as we can see in how it infiltrated higher education. Organised courses, especially in the areas of tertiary education, will enable users to appreciate the internal workings of platforms like Vertex.Market to a large extent. Getting such qualifications would even give students an edge in the various fields that they belong. Especially as every sector is beginning to find implementation for blockchain and cryptocurrency, further reiterating that crypto isn’t going anywhere.
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Oct 29, 2019
Seattle, USA
I should say, things really changed since I graduated from the University. Modern technologies, including Blockchain, have made the process of studying easier and more interesting, on one hand. Today students can use various web applications like college apps, writing services, etc. And they are really helpful. On the other hand, such changes require adaptations not only on the part of students, but also on the part of teachers.