Crypto is the World’s Best Performing Asset Class


Jul 2, 2019
As we reach what has possibly been one of the most tumultuous decades in recent history, cryptocurrencies have once again outperformed other asset classes. Although trading down from the highs of December 2017, the top cryptocurrencies by market cap have had a pretty spectacular year. Crypto is the world’s best performing asset class, and it’s about time investors stood up and took notice.

Cryptocurrencies vs mainstream asset classes

Since bursting onto the scene with Bitcoin in 2008, digital assets have become a flourishing asset class of their own right. In 2019, they’ve cemented themselves as the world’s leading asset class, rising high above returns for commodities, bond markets and equities. According to Ryan Alfred, the President and co-founder of Digital Assets Data, the top digital assets saw much higher returns than traditional asset classes in 2019. “Looking back at the performance of the top ten large-caps (Bitwise 10) in comparison to other major asset classes, we can see their special signature,” he said.

According to research from Digital Assets Data, we can see how the top 10 digital assets performed compared to other asset classes like gold, oil, and equities. To be fair, things were looking a little dismal for cryptocurrency at the beginning of the year. Sentiment began to pick up in March, but cryptoassets started the year well below other asset classes in terms of ROI. However, as of now, cryptocurrencies are far ahead of their traditional counterparts, with much of the credit owed to Bitcoin. Bitcoin is up 98% since the beginning of 2019, which is quite remarkable given the rocky start to the year. Ether is up 35% and BNB is up a whopping 150%.

A marker of cryptocurrency’s success

As 2019 comes to an end, we can finally close the chapter on this tumultuous decade. Still, the 2010s have brought us something pretty remarkable: the rise of the cryptocurrency industry. In 2008, just two years before the start of the decade, we were in the throes of a global financial crisis. This continued into 2009, and saw the advent of Bitcoin – the very first cryptocurrency and a decentralized response to the recession. Since then, the economy has made a pretty solid recovery. The S&P have gained 369% since March 2009, and Dow Jones Industrial Average is up by 326% in the same period. However, Bitcoin has utterly destroyed those figures – rising by more than 12 million percent over the last 9 years (one year less than the traditional assets). That’s unprecedented.

What lead to the success of cryptoassets?

Crypto is the world’s best performing asset class, and that can be attributed to a number of different factors. High volatility and liquidity allow crypto holders to trade between digital and fiat currencies easily, and quick cross border payments have filled a gap in the market.

Lorenzo Pellegrino, CEO of Skrill, said that crypto assets resemble a nascent market. “As it (crypto) matures we should start to see increased stability and the core fundamentals will become more apparent,” he said.

As we move into a new decade, it’s likely that we’ll see even more incredible growth in the cryptoasset industry. 2019 alone has been one phenomenal year for the asset class, and now’s the time to get into the market (if you haven’t already). Consider trading cryptoassets on exchanges or social trading platforms like eToro, and make the best investment of your life.

Cryptoassets vs the world

Crypto is the world’s best performing asset class – there’s no getting around that. In the last decade, Bitcoin alone has seen growth of a staggering 12 million percent. Compared to traditional asset classes, that’s absolutely phenomenal. Cryptocurrencies are volatile, but that means your ROI can be even higher. If you’re not investing in crypto, you’re not seeing the bigger picture. Particularly with the next Bitcoin halving in May 2020 (which historically has always signalled a bull run), we’re gearing up for some pretty big moves in the first couple of years of this new decade. Here’s to the 2020s, may they bring further cryptoasset glory to us.