Crypto Explosion


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Apr 6, 2018
Hey cryptos I'm a co-worker of one of the Asian exchange
I'm supposed to say that's everything happened with the crypto markets is one of the big parts of healing bitcoins. Next few months of you gonna lose everything you have at the same time btc is going ATH without you. I prepare documents with exchanges, prepared for dying, wallets which gonna block coins. More than 80% exist coins going to die, what type of coins? Which one ready to fork and why. You should know that the governments wanna use cryptocurrency, but they have big rules for that. Using my information you can get 10 times more btc in a safe place and safe time. Maximum throughput is about 100 btc per day. I'm gonna sell this document for 40 btc only for one member and helps him to control process. This post will be deleted after I find the partner for that trick. This document includes information about safety wallets, exchanges, the hottest moment in the crypto world and prices prediction for BTC only. PoW Coins are inflating BTC. Now it is going to be fixed. Be careful if ignore what I'm saying.
And also after 1k twitter follows I've going say 1 hot prediction.