Crypto Exchange for Sale with Source Code + Development


New Member
Oct 24, 2019
Dear All,

I have the base code of an exchange. Why waste time building a new one from scratch or pay regular fees for a WhiteLabel solution when you can have your own and implement any feature or idea you want.
The team and myself, developed 2 crypto exchanges and a trading website over quite some years. One exchange is open to public and you can play with all the features, more than that, trade on it. The users can trade many coins.

We are selling the code base that gives you a basic exchange with the main features. Contact me if you want to see the one which operates online and to play with all the features that are developed.
To setup it up for you will take 1 month, we can add also customisations. You will get a fully working exchange + source code.

The great thing is that you have full access to the code and you can implement your own ideas in order to differentiate from competition.

You can also use any development team you prefer or we can also develop new features.
There is no ongoing fee or anything, you buy it and it's yours.