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Jul 16, 2019

Intellogate as a complex solution provider, uses its know-how experience accumulated over the years. Thousands of terminals have been annually produced and installed for above 15 years and cover more than 25 countries worldwide. Core competences have been created out of payment collection systems and currency exchange solutions supplied to international customers.

Intellogate’s crypto currency solution is a distributed transaction system being based on a centralized processing platform, called “Intellosuite”, and ATM’s with different functionality being able to work in cashless, one-way or two-way setups. The entire solution is designed for ATM network operators and solely developed and produced by Intellogate, what allows customization of all related HW and SW components for dedicated use cases.

Due to the chosen architecture the system can be interconnected basically to any exchange and is able to handle all supported coins and/or security tokens. The creation of separated terminal groups with it’s own functional scope, GUI and transaction parameters is possible as well as the creation of multi-level structures for complex operations

Intellogate’s crypto currency exchange ATM line is represented by the products APT-41, APT-63 and APT-101. All these machines can be customized to work in cashless, cash-in or cash-out and two-way mode.

Also, the system can support additional features such as KYC, payment handling (top up phone/card, utility charges, remittance), currency exchange and other.

What we exactly offer to you

• Absolutely customizable hardware
• Fully designable appearance and branding
• Customizable soft for your business model and processes
• Compatibility with any external service
• Sustainable local policy conformity

BENEFITS you will gain

• Easy scalable to a national or worldwide network
• Limited costs to run new point of sale
• Cover auditory that does not want to deal with crypto exchanges
• Highly automated and digitalized business that exclude human factor
• Serving clients in the fastest way
• Flexible fee charging due to location, time, local competition etc.
• Manage financial processes easily and online
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