Crypro-PHP - Poloniex, Bittrex Trading Bot


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Sep 1, 2017
Hi everyone :)
I'll present my project here.


What is crypto-php ?
Crypto-php is a simple trading bot that makes a profit for you :)
It works now on POLONIEX and BITTREX (more soon) .
It is very simple to use , just start/stop as you long as you want and check activity in your web interface .

Your web interface

How it works ?

Crypto-php uses API for trading currencies on exchange sites like Bittrex or Poloniex.

You can use a default strategy or change your settings and make your own :

Voila, :)

Everthing is homemade, price start at: $12/months.
All bots are hosted on differents vps :)

For more info you can go to the forum section "News / Annoucement"
If you have a question I can answer with pleasure here or in section "Pre-sales Question" (no need to be registred)

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Mar 28, 2018
I would like to share my experience with the crypto-php trading bot,
I subscribed for 1 month, the first month I lost about 40% of my capital,
yes just that, about $ 1700 in bitcoin + the $ 12 subscription.

About 24 hours after contacting the administrator a withdrawal tried to be made via the Bittrex exchange,
which fortunately has been impossible to execute.

I contact the developer (who did not want to answer me, I understand that I only have my 2 eyes to cry.)

I learned a little about the developer who praises Billy.

I consult the site: http: /

And I learn that the developer is a guy whose name is Jeffrey Bylina, I consult google
and realize that this person is a very dangerous hacker, who has been condemned by the French government to 1,000,000 euros
and 1 year in prison: m

Since then I canceled my subscription and changed my API key. And since then I have never had any problems with my Bittrex account.