Conex Coin


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Dec 20, 2017
Conex Coin
A crypto currency with the aim of becoming the best payment to replace for Bitcoin; and applied precision security technology, and was created to transactions in games and earn from it
Developing a digital money gaming platform, focusing on providing an elegant, safe and powerful system in order to replace the current selection, purchasing, trading mechanism in games
Linking video game developers and gamers' hearts with the aim of digitalizing players’ currency. To be more precise, we want to create a solution for making money in games that can give benefits to both players and developers. We can offer a mainstream currency (monetary stream) and develop trend games.
CNI integrates Blockchain technology with high accuracy and security into e-commerce. And we can be confident to sign smart contracts and put the payment solution into the website, App ....

Coin name: CONEXCOIN
Abbreviated: CNI
Algorithm: ERC20
Maximum amount: 18,500,000 Token
Issue number 6.000 0000 Token




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Dec 20, 2017
Yes, we have many innovations in our business plan compared to other programs. We are very confident with our business plan, and I know how to make our coins durable. You can read our brief plan below. Look forward to your vote. Thank you


Information :

Website: ; ;

Name : Conex Coin ; Abbreviation : CNI

ERC Technology20(current in use) - CNI Blovkchain (developing)

Total Supply : 18.500.000 tocken.

ICO Sales : 4,500,000 tocken.

I. Phase 1 : PRE ICO (Finished) Sales : 1.500.000 CNI

II. Phase2 : ICO - LENDING - internal trading platform. ( Feb 2018)

The first round : From Jan 2, 2018 to Jan 4 ,2018

The second round : From Jan 7 ,2018 to Jan 9 ,2018

The third round : From Jan 12 ,2018 to Jan 14, 2018

( The Tocken's price will increase by $0.9 , $1.2 and $1.5 respectively.)

Rewards during ICO are paid by ETH or BTC , not converted to Tocken.

From Jan 15 ,2018 the website will be upgraded to prepare for the lending program and to develop an internal trading platform system.

- Rules of lending and bonus policy:

All ID can buy Tocken during ICO ( by All Forms) have to lending 50% tocken in the ID with tocken or USD preferential price. The remaining 50% tocken can be freely traded on the local exchange or transferred to other wallets.

Interest under policy ( term package and non term package)are paid by USD and referred ETH or BTC to withdraw. ( can be paid with some other types of coin which has a stable value)

Direct system rewards and weak branch sales are also paid in USD and refer to BTC or ETH.

III. Phase 3 : Blockchain CNI ( the second quarter)

In the first stage of lending CNI is still a tocken based on ERC20 technology of ETH because of the stability of this technology in order stabilize to develop the customer system. However , Conex Coin will develop its own blockchain technology to provide proactive and superior for the trading platform.

Conex Coin is not just a coin lending and developing common system like other coin in the market at the same time. The Goal of Conex Coin (CNI) is to make CNI become a trading intermediary such as BTC, ETH , BNB.

Trading platform of Conex Coin allows many coin trading, trade... Including many markets such as BTC Market, ETH Market , CNI Market..

The purpose of making CNI Market is to make CNI become a valuable coin , building the CNI ecosystem on the Internet such as BTC, BNB,and ETH...This is the innovation , catch up the trend of Conex Coin..

IV. Phase 4 : VISA CNI - Payment - Application ( The fourth quarter /2018)

CNI does not delve into conventional commercial payment such as e - commerce or e - commerce outside of the internet that they go into exploiting and developing online payment methods such as paying items in the online games, mobile games, payment to the publishers when buying apps, payment HD movies, multi - dimensional film , payment to buy documents, download files..

Developing a middleware application for developers who want to sell their applications, games and documents (Extending more than CHPLAY or APP STORE )

V. Phase 5 :Application Developer - Game Release - Game Design

CANADA is the largest Exporter and Outsourcing country in the world . This is the strength of CNI.

Game is a growing industry and oppcupies a large market share in the economy of many countries . Every year customers are spending hundreds of billions of dollars for Entertainment . This is a simple but potential market. So, our CNI will be high value if it is applicable to this market.