Coinparator is like a Blockfolio, but in a browser and on all devices


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Nov 8, 2017

We couldn't find any good nline crypto portfolio, that would follow your crypto holdings rates. All of them are APP based (like popular Blockfolio etc.). So we decided to develop new website, that would allow that. It's accessible here:

Basically everybody can use it for free and without registration. it allows you to track your coins (buy price / current price) and explore related charts to your coins (portfolio summary, coins movement etc.)

There is also a lot of addition functions. Like you can watch current rate USD/BTC accross all exchanges ( etc. I won't spam it here with links, you can find all of it in the menu.

Any suggestions or opinions are welcome. You can even reach me through private message.

I will try to upload some screenshots, but I'm not sure about result.