Coinbase BTC transaction


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Jul 30, 2017
(new to this forum, sorry if there's anything wrong with this in terms of format i'm just rushing to get help)

i've just started using coinbase, yesterday and am trying to transfer btc to my electrum wallet through there. (bearing in mind i have and cannot fully verify my coinbase account)... i have transferred btc from coinbase to electrum, around 50 pounds gbp. my debit card is not linked, this money was from me putting it through an atm, which seemed to go okay. i transferred the amount 2 hours ago - i've got no knowledge of how these things usually work, and i can't view my coinbase transaction history because it requires me to fully verify my account (which i cannot do) so i'm in the dark about this. nothing has shown up on electrum either. i'm kind of freaking right now, i realise coinbase has a backlog but the fact there's no trace of the transfer besides a screenshot of the "sent" notification coinbase sent me which is worrying to say the least. can somebody please give advice/general knowledge/help (emailed coinbase support. emailed be back telling me they'd reply in about a week.)


Sep 8, 2015
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I don't understand how you can be on Coinbase and not see your transaction history.

There is a trace of the transfer, you should see the hash when you sent a transaction, this is locate-able on the blockchain and you can see where/when the money was sent.

How are you accessing coinbase?