Coin Armor - steel cryptocurrency wallet

Anna Landik

New Member
Jan 22, 2018
Hi there. New to this forum, but ain't a newbie in crypto world.
I'm trying to popularize the idea of investment in cryptocurrency among small households.

And immediately after newcomer buy his first digital coin you need to decide- where to store it?
We propose to store it on a cold wallet that can be made by me in a form of steel card:

If you like the idea - please check the description of our project on

and support us

p.s. I foresee questions like "Oh! You'll know my private key and stole all my coins!"
NO! I'll know only BIP-38 encrypted key.
We won't have access to your password. We will know only pass-phrase protected password (to engrave it) and only person who know this pass-phrase (You) will have access to a wallet.
Read about BIP-38 encryption: