Chronicles of the Town of Zombies. How to Become a Part of the Zombie Bay Universe

Zombie Bay

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May 4, 2022

Would you like to live in a town where real zombies roam the streets at night? If so, welcome to Zombie Bay! A port town occupied by kind and friendly residents was suddenly attacked by the dead. Where did these zombies come from? What do they want? And who will stop this madness?

This is not a blurb for an action movie about zombie apocalypse. You are reading a backstory of a new NFT project Zombie Bay. And you have a chance to become one of the first owners of your personal zombie. Choose one of the saga’s characters, become its rightful owner, and experience being a part of the Zombie Bay Universe.

Zombie Bay is a collection that currently consists of 200 characters, each with unique design, and a human name, or a nickname. Pick the most vicious of them or the funniest one, become its owner, and watch the Zombie Bay Universe take over the world.

Want to keep up with the events in Zombie Bay? Follow releases of short stories about the life of zombies and you will learn the story of the appearance of your character. Every short story is a brief narrative about one day in Zombie Bay with an exciting and unpredictable plot.

But wait, there's more! You can also become an owner of a book about Zombie Bay that is currently being written. In the book we will gather a complete picture of the events taking place in Zombie Bay: the story of how zombies appeared in the town and continuing standoff between the town residents and its unexpected guests.

Support Zombie Bay NFT Project now, and see our zombies get fans from all over the world and become desired items for top NFT collectors.

Don’t miss your chance! Buy your character and become a part of the Zombie Bay Universe.

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