Charity Crypto Fund


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Jun 16, 2018

Through us, any holder of crypto currency can help the disadvantaged around the world.
From Heart to Heart!

Our team
This is the embodiment of the charity of the whole crypto community!
We are enthusiasts and fans of open technology blockchain with a healthy share of altruism. Blockchain won us with its opportunity to ensure honesty, transparency and independence. Therefore, we decided, to popularize the detachment and create a positive attitude in society to the crypto-world, to realize the idea of a charitable foundation working on the basis of an open lock-up with crypto-currencies.

The main thing..
By means of the technology of open blocking you can always receive confirmation of the transfer of the crypto currency to the crypto-deposit account of those who applied to us for help.

And this means that all the activities of the charity fund are completely open. All transactions are available for viewing in the blockchein. For each new member, an individual crypto is created and put on its page on our website. Thanks to which, everything becomes transparent!

We need volunteers to carry out the activities of the fund!

Remote Community Management, marketing, search for those who need charity in our areas, translators (especially those who know Spanish and Portuguese), promotion on foreign sites, management of twitter, youtube accounts, etc.

Send all offers of cooperation or volunteer assistance to our email:

Site Charity Crypto Fund:

Twitter: @CCF_FUND