Changing the donation page ... donations from the coinbase


Sep 13, 2015
Changing this:

The page should show different proposals (BUIP), and there should be a way to suggest new proposals easily.

Proposals, even before reaching the donation pages, should be public somewhere.
So it must be easy to see why some proposals have been rejected.

Every proposal must have a different donation address.

The function of the page will be to show stats about donations, day by day, showing with one are receiving more money.
Voting with money.

The other new things, I think the most important one, is that stats should show the percentage of donation that are coming from miners/mining pools!

The stats will count only donation coming from coinbase addresses.


Month: May

- BUIP01: 63%

AntPool 3% - F2Pool 0% - BTCC 34% - BW.COM 6% - BitFury 10% - Slush 1% - BitClub Network 2% - Telco 6% - NiceHashSolo 38%

Total donation: 122 Bitcoin

Donation addr.: 1GYH2xLvxiHczi2KVsKAmFR3JtBAut7BnS

- BUIP02: 7%

AntPool xx% - F2Pool xx% - BTCC xx% - BW.COM xx% - BitFury xx% - Slush xx% - BitClub Network xx% - Telco xx% - NiceHashSolo xx%

Total donation: 13 Bitcoin

Donation addr.: 15jJD7GPK1u4PoX5omchEMnNnvvBSJLUqs

- BUIP03: 1%

AntPool yy% - F2Pool yy% - BTCC yy% - BW.COM yy% - BitFury yy% - Slush yy% - BitClub Network yy% - Telco yy% - NiceHashSolo yy%

Total donation: 2 Bitcoin

Donation addr.: 191jgWn7JjHHwQKi9fYMP99ym1HpJqsKNW

- BUIP04: 27%

AntPool kk% - F2Pool kk% - BTCC kk% - BW.COM kk% - BitFury kk% - Slush kk% - BitClub Network kk% - Telco kk% - NiceHashSolo kk%

Total donation: 54 Bitcoin

Donation addr.: 1HiuNZn3478TXnWxCWR91i9iJzzfidkPpN

- BUIP05: 2%

AntPool zz% - F2Pool zz% - BTCC zz% - BW.COM zz% - BitFury zz% - Slush zz% - BitClub Network zz% - Telco zz% - NiceHashSolo zz%

Total donation: 4 Bitcoin

Donation addr.: 1FPLny9jJcBh1CrV2sdh9hH7SeyRSRpEJ4

So, on the next month (or more than one), devs are going to work mainly on the BUIP01
Somewhere must be written how much is going to cost the development of BUIP01.
If it costs only 20 BTC, then the remaining 102 BTC will move to the next voted BUIP, that it is BUIP04.
If the development of BUIP04 cost only 10 BTC, the remaining will move to the next BUIP an so on.

There must be some kind of rule to avoid that devs can easily go away with all the remaining money if they are more than the required, donators need to always trust the dev team ;)

Then it can remain also a single donation address for who ever wants to make a not
confined donation, as it is now.

Maybe this can be done better, but I'm trying to always follow the logic of "They vote with their CPU power" ;)

Miners/pools are going to pay devs (and vote) for what they want.

Donations that aren't arriving from coinbase addresses can still be counted, but in a different way, maybe with with less value on the percentage.

Maybe there can be a page where exchanges/payment processors or others, can register their addresses.
So everytime it will be possible to see who is donating to what.
"Signed" donation will be valued more than the "anonymous" donation in the percentage.
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Mar 3, 2016
- BUIP01: 63%

AntPool 3% - F2Pool 0% - BTCC 34% - BW.COM 6% - BitFury 10% - Slush 1% - BitClub Network 2% - Telco 6% - NiceHashSolo 38%

Total donation: 122 Bitcoin

So BU has been sponsored mostly by core supporters?


Sep 13, 2015

Donations are welcome from everyone as it is now. Donators will be able to give priority to the single BUIP that they prefer, but miners will have a bonus because of them.