Champion J Club Manifesto


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Mar 2, 2022

Champion J Club
is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) oriented social circle club, started by JTeam’s JFans Space. The club is aiming to establish a high-end incubating eco system staring from JTeam and focusing on the vertical industries such as sports and entertainment, especially e-sports. For now, many C-level executives from listed companies, well-known VCs, media founders, and Blockchain expertise have already joined the club. So we will attempt different business models from the crossover of e-sports, trendy products, and blockchains. Eventually, we hope it could be evolved into a top tier DAO incubating circle in sports and entertainment fields.

Brand Story: Why we start with E-sports? And why we choose NFT for Champion J Club?

As you may know, it usually takes 10 or even 20 years for a traditional company to build a brand, while it takes about 3 years for an esports team to build a brand. However, if you look at a project in the current blockchain field, it usually takes one year to grow into a globally renowned technology company. So what’s the logic behind it?

1. Consuming behavior of generation Z
E-sports has become one of generation Z’s main social networks, and many e-sports anchors and e-sports players have surpassed the traditional entertainment stars in terms of fan influence. E-sports IPs will also likely to be the generation Z’s lifelong heavy spending in the future. At the same time, generation Z has a natural affinity for the crypto industry, therefore, the combination of NFT and e-sports may have a huge stack effect.

2. The global nature of NFT
According to statistics, as of June 2021, the number of global encryption participants worldwide has reached 230 million, and it is likely to grow to 1 billion in the next three years. And the crypto circle has several significant characteristics: 1. community oriented, and strong globalization, 2. It is still in the early stage of demographic dividend, 3. There is a similar “language” and thinking in the cyber world. Therefore, as a brand, the communication efficiency of the crypto population are several times higher than that of traditional media.

3. High degree of community participation
The interaction between brands and users has greatly increased the stickiness of users. At the same time, the premium brought by user participation to the brand can also feed back to the community and strengthen the motivation and vitality of the community. Therefore, the combination of e-sports and NFT provides a new exploration and idea for the establishment of global brands.

Club NFT member rights and interests

1. Members are eligible to join the club and to communicate freely with other members in the group;
2. Members are able to publish rewarded tasks or inquiries; able to quickly gather resources, brainstorm and establish business connections within the private clubs;
3. Members are able to invite a certain number of friends to participate in online or offline community activities;
4. Members have the opportunities to communicate directly with industry leaders and seek possible business cooperation and etc.

Last But Not Least

Champion J Club will start organizing a series of activities from April 15, 2022 onward: case sharing, project salon, private meeting, online activities, and etc. Again, We will start from JTeam, and build a top tier DAO incubating circle in sports and entertainment fields, and successfully enrich the growth of JTeam’s NFT community.

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