Cancelation of IDO


New Member
Jun 22, 2021
FlowCom cancels the IDO, for its quota has been fully purchased by VC. That means they will not sell those 3.85 Millions FiGs to the public anymore. Instead, those 3.85M FiGs will be gradully unlocked over the period of 2 years, and the VC has agreed with this term. This is all the better for the liquidity and price of the tokens, as all those 3.85M FiGs will be immediately unlocked and flooding the market if they are offered via IDO. The tokens that we purchase in the PreSale will still be gradually unlocked, and thus tradable, from 27th June. Unlocked FiGs can be used to yield farming on FlowCom.Finance, Spark.Finance or trade on XT exchange. Anyone who wants to own FiG can buy on XT exchange and some upcoming exchanges, #FlowCom #FiGs #FlowCom.Finance #VC