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Feb 20, 2018
Hey guys, I know it can be weird to make a post like that, I hope you will see my sincerity as a miner from the first age.

But let me ask you this question:

Are you looking to mine your bitcoins in a cheaper way? How many people in here felt crazy when they saw their electricity price because of the mining?

There's a solution to finish your worries:

Try a colocation for your bitcoin mining at Ehost Internet Data Center in Seoul, South Korea.

Before telling you more piece of pieces of information, I want to tell you that we will have a power of 4KW at the end of March and that's why I think the bitcoin community may take advantage with such colocation in our Data Center.

What you'll get is: -> Full rack for much more affordable pricing than the one in the region -> Relatively low expanses of power cost in comparison to different hosting companies -> Rapid and free setup of your equipment -> Fast technical support in English (which is rare in South Korea) -> custom cage (if you wish) -> PDU for free

and much much more!

We will answer all of your questions when you send them to our e-mail

May your bitcoin mining cheaper with Ehost IDC.