BUIPs that modify the Articles of Federation


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Nov 30, 2016
This post is to keep track of the BUIPs that would change the AoF and thus need a high membership participation.

This document can be modified via a greater than 66% majority vote on a BUIP with at least 75% of the members voting.
The idea is to vote for all of them at the same time and make every member aware to vote during the voting period in order to satisfy the rule.

BUIP049: Amend AoC to change membership period
BUIP050: Double yes with tie-break question
BUIP079: Publication of BUIP vote and election dates in advance
BUIP081: Unambiguous definition of 1 year membership period

As new AoF BUIPs get written I will add them to this list.
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Aug 22, 2015
Great idea @torusJKL having these in one place.
It is also reasonable that an unsuccessful Articles amending BUIP, which did not obtain the necessary total turnout of 66% (for+abstain+against), can be represented at a later date.
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