BUIP158: Funding for SysAdmin/Developer


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Aug 28, 2015
BUIP 158: Funding for SysAdmin/Developer
Proposer: @sickpig
Submitted on: 2020-11-30

Status: draft


I lost my independent funding in November of this year, regardless I would like to continue working on the Bitcoin Unlimited projects as a full-time developer and devops, as I have been doing since 2015.

From mid-2015 till the end of 2016 I worked on the project in my free time, luckily enough, later on, I got an offer to have my full-time work for Bitcoin Unlimited funded and this is what I did and I'm still doing so far.


This BUIP authorises 84,000 EUR a year (paid monthly in crypto) to continue this work.

Major Contributions to this project:

other than the day-to-day tasks of reviewing pull requests from others, fixing bugs, and implementing minor enhancements, the following are the main contributions I made to the BCH Unlimited client and more, in general, to other Bitcoin Unlimited projects:

- Testing Xthinblocks crossing over the great firewall of China
- Lead the testing operation of Gigablock Network Initiative that stem from the scaling bitcoin 2017 presentation slides and video
- Porting BTC address seeder over to Bitcoin Cash, see: https://github.com/sickpig/bitcoin-seeder
- Porting bitnodes crawler over to Bitcoin Cash
- Ported and currently maintaining a javascript based block explorer for Bitcoin Cash
- Develop and maintain a web front end to expose the data gathered by the BCH nodes crawler
- Maintaining and coordinate the development of the main BU website
- Operate a bunch of public services for the BCH community (**):
* explorer.bitcoinunlimited.info (mainnet BCH explorer)
* texplorer.bitcoinunlimited.info (testnet3 explorer)
* Mainnet electrum server: electrs.bitcoinunlimited.info s50002
* casnodes.io (web front end and nodes crawler for BCH mainnet)
* btccash-seeder.bitcoinunlimited.info (node seeder for the BCH mainnet)
- Moved all Bitcoin Unlimited projects from GitHub to GitLab
- Managed all the BCH Unlimited releases since we started to publish a client implementation for the Bitcoin Cash protocol
- Manage and operate the Ubuntu PPA repositories for the BCH Unlimited clients
- Operate the protocol upgrade activation tests since BCH started the 6 months network upgrade release schedule

Furthermore, you could find an almost complete list of my daily contribution here: <https://github.com/sickpig> and <https://gitlab.com/sickpig>

Here you could also find a list of all merged PRs (pull requests) and MRs (merge requests) I contribute over the years to the C++ BCH client implementation:

- This detailed list of all the pull requests (PR) that have been merged onto the BCH unlimited code base while the BU repository was hosted at GitHub
- This is a detailed list of the merge requests (MR) that have been merged onto the BCH Unlimited code base since we move the repository from GitHub over to GitLab (start from MR 2246 and up.

My plan for the next year

- Continue the review and QA contributions to BCH unlimited C++ client
- Contribute the C++ codebase via bugs fixing and various enhancements
- Continue to maintain and operate the list of services listed above (**)
- Make BU work with the Corgi (test/performance framework)
- Measuring various protocol client implementations (mainly BCHN and BU, the one I'm more familiar with) now that Scalenet has been integrated into the BCH Unlimited codebase
- Help with the coinparty.org 2021(I'm going to participate as a judge)

edit: fix url syntax, buip number assigned, details
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Feb 2, 2024
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