BUIP153 Review - October 2020


Aug 17, 2016
This document is a review of the work completed and related results with regards to the execution of BUIP153 in the previous month of October 2020. This is also an attempt to follow the guidelines set out in this proposal by emergent_reasons.

BUIP153: BU Blockparty - Let's Get Building On Bitcoin Cash has the general goals of pulling more developers into building BCH-based projects and to create lots of buzz and marketing material for BCH.

The deliverables from this BUIP are as follows:

  • Website design.
  • Website implementation.
  • Website domain.
  • Website hosting.
Branded graphic assets
  • Official event logo provided in all required formats.
  • Graphic designs for use on social media.
  • Graphics for ads.
Branded video assets
  • Video intro animation.
  • Video lower thirds toolkit.
  • Video outro animation.
  • Livestream waiting animation.
Video content
  • 3 items of video content generated by each team hosted on the BU youtube channel.
  • 8 hours of interview/livestream content hosted on the BU youtube channel.
Written content
  • 3 articles generated by each team.
  • 1 article announcing the event.
  • 1 article announcing the judges of the event.
  • 1 article announcing the teams entering the event and their projects.
  • 1 article summarising the progress being made by each team.
  • 1 article summarising the final entries of each team.
  • 1 article announcing the winners of the event.
  • 1 article as a wrap up and request for feedback on the event.
Social accounts
  • Official BU Blockparty Telegram group.
  • Official BU Blockparty Twitter account.
All phases of the website design have been completed. The domain has been purchased. The initial landing page phase of the website has been developed and implemented at coinparty.org.

Branded graphic assets
All branded graphic assets have been created including the logo, brand styling, and various graphics for social media.

Branded video assets
Some initial branded video assets have been created for social media purposes.

Video content
Currently no video content has been produced (except for a BU podcast about the event) as this is to come at a later stage of the project.

Written content
There was no content published about CoinParty during October (as planned) as this time was used to develop the plan, the branding, the website, and make partnerships.

Social accounts
It was decided to use the official BU social media channels to promote the event to retain and build upon BU’s existing follower base.

Ongoing Expectations
Phase two and three of the website will be developed and implemented in November. These phases will include further information including: judges, mentors, hosts, parters, prizes and a blog function.

Branded graphic assets
All the major branded assets have been created but any other assets will be created as needed. These will include visual content for our judges, mentors and participants to post social media, and graphics for any written content.

Branded video assets
The intro, outro, lower thirds and partners scene motion graphics will be created in November. These will be used on any and all video content created for/during the event.

Video content
There are currently no plans to create any video content for the event in November.

Written content
There will be a number of announcements made about the event in November including the initial announcement with the release of phase one of coinparty.org, an announcement about further details and associated expansion of coinparty.org to include these details. There will also be an announcement and marketing push for the flipstarter campaign.

Social accounts
After the announcement of the event in November there will be lots of activity on the BU social accounts to promote CoinParty2020. This will include promotion of the announcements, the flipstarter campaign and the competitions we will use to get more people involved.

Flipstarter Campaign
The flipstarter campaign to gather extra funding for the prize pool and bursary will be released in November. This campaign and the graphics assets for it will need to be created. The website for it will need to then be implemented at flipstarter.coinparty.org and will be promoted across many social media channels.
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I apologise for the delay in getting this review out. My time was focussed on getting CoinParty and the associated Flipstarter campaign was announced and promoted on time. I aim to make the November review more timely.
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