BUIP148 Review November 2020


Aug 17, 2016
This document is a review of the work completed and related results with regards to the execution of BUIP148 in the previous month of November 2020. This is also an attempt to follow the guidelines set out in this proposal by emergent_reasons.

BUIP148 (Ecosystem Outreach & Marketing for BU & On-chain Scaling 2) had the general goal “To continue with more outreach and marketing initiatives building on the results from BUIP132”.

The deliverables from this BUIP are as follows:

Social Media Account Management
A continued active presence across multiple relevant social media platforms.

Video Content
Fortnightly pre-recorded and live-streamed videos including interviews, discussions and debates of BU leaders, members and guests. For a professional production quality a set of branded assets will be created including; an intro animation toolkit, outro animation, lower thirds animation toolkit.

Written Content
Content written to communicate key messages from Bitcoin Unlimited to the wider community.

Social Media Account Management
You can view some of the results from the Twitter management in the image below. The results for November have been extremely good. We were testing a higher cadence posting schedule. This seems to have worked well and has generated a much larger reach. We were also testing a strategy of engaging with the tweets of Bitcoin KOLs. This has also been effective in spreading the message of BCH and gaining the account more followers from outside the BCH community.

The network upgrade obviously had a significant effect on the levels of engagement and we made sure to take advantage of this in support of BCH.

The Telegram community has been growing, and has started to become more active.

The facebook page has been gathering more much more likes, and therefore followers than in previous months.

Video Content
There were 3 more podcasts released to much praise. We did receive a small amount of critical feedback about the video format. This feedback has been used to improve the visual format.

Written Content
(As well as all content produced for the CoinParty hackathon)

Ongoing Expectations
Social Media Account Management
It’s likely that we won’t see such a high amount of engagement during December as the fork in November was a one time event, and because the CoinParty hackathon was delayed to January 2021. We will continue to use the strategies which work and the posting cadence of November.

We will continue to drive more traffic to the BU facebook account and publish more content there as well as on LinkedIn, reddit and any other relevant channels.

Video Content
There should be at least another 4 episodes of the BU podcast released in December. We will also be looking at how and where to publish these in audio form through an RSS feed to provide an extra avenue that people can consume the content. This will then put the podcasts on places such as Spotify.

Written Content
The schedule of content will be increasing again in December. We expect to release at least 3 pieces of written content.
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