BTC Stash presents, Hash Raffles


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Jan 1, 2018
BtcStashes, Hash Raffles is launching!!!!!! and you can start mining now.
We Will Be raffling off Games along with Doge Coin and Ethereum, and we are also currently working on Lite-coin as well, and unfortunately we will be leaving out bitcoin for now due to it's transaction fees.

Registration can be a little tedious and requires you to provide a DOGE, ETH, address and cannot be changed.
We thought about doing it other ways, but this way is the best, to cut down on any multiple account creation, and to add security.

Current Raffle Payouts are small at the moment, and as we grow this will change, and all eanings from this post will go into raffles, and even possibly a Steem raffle even.

We hope you enjoy are site and get lucky, and if you don't mind an up vote or even a re steem that would be great in getting us over are initial release hurdle!

You can sign up here!

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Current Prizes are.

Brutal Legends PC steam key, 2 day raffle
20 Doge Coins, 1 day raffle
0.0002 Ethereum, 1 day raffle.

All payouts will be sent to addresses used upon sign up.
Steam Game Keys Winners. Will Be Require to reply to email to receive game key.

Mine On multiple machine for more hashes.
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