How long does it take a wire transfer ?


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Apr 10, 2017
Hello to everyone!!!
I have a question about the Website where I recently joined and start trading .
After loaded my account with some Bitcoin and some days trading I decided to withdrawal $25800 USD via "Wire transfer" to my business Account In Canada.

This site have some Rules I follow to the "A" .(to the Point to look like I'm stupid) hopefully I don't have to explain why I said this!
I'm from Canada but during the Winter I usually I'm in FL. USA , like right now and I haven't Buy My ticket to go back to Canada waiting for the Payment, I don't what to put my account in Hold or Who knows what else "as a rule" once I log-in to my account from another IP address.
My question is :
How long usually does it take to wire a transfer after I confirmed by Email about my request last Apr 2/2017

I have tons of Print-Screen of what is being happening all this days between me and " bte-e" Support, and hopefully I don't have to use it as a proof in a very Large advertising Campaign warning everyone in case I don't get Paid by them!!!