[BOUNTY] Swapblocks Discord Invite Bounty


New Member
Feb 3, 2018
Swapblocks is a Digital Securities & Asset Management based DPOS coin which is currently offering a bounty reward in return for sending new Discord chat members.

The first step required to claim the bounty is to join the Discord here:


Once you have joined using the provided link to participate in the bounty create an unlimited invite link that never expires and get people to join the channel through your link.

The rewards are as follows:

5 Invites: 1,000 SBX
10 Invites: 5,000 SBX,
50 Invites: 25,000 SBX
100 Invites: 50,000 SBX
1000 Invites: 500,000 SBX

Payments will be made every Friday and persons with greater than 1000 Invites may receive a custom bounty.