[BOUNTY+REFERRAL] [10 MILLION IN 2 WEEKS] Share more to win more


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Mar 20, 2019

ArcaFX is conducting a Referral Contest to celebrate the launch of the exchange.
Top referrers of the campaign will be handsomely rewarded. (Symbol: ARCA)

A total of 10,000,000 ARCA tokens (initial token price $25,000) will be staked for the prize pool of the Referral Contest

The program will run from 3/14 to 3/28 UTC 12AM. The reward will be paid 2 weeks after the end of the campaign.

Prize distribution

To participate or check your standings in the campaign, please input your email and Telegram ID in the required fields in the campaign dashboard

GENERAL RULE: All participants must join ArcaFX official Telegram group

To participate:
1. Join ArcaFX Telegram group: http://telegram.me/officialArcaFX

2. Visit ArcaFX referral contest site (https://campaign.arcafx.com) or through your referrer’s link.

3. Input the Telegram ID that you have used to join ArcaFX Telegram group. Following that, enter your email to join the whitelist.
*Note: One unique Telegram ID and email address for one sign up, repeated entries will be disqualified

4. A confirmation email will be sent to you. In case you don't see the email in the inbox, please check the spam folder.

5. Click the URL in the email and you will be directed to a campaign dashboard that displays your points and ranking against other participants of the campaign.

6. Follow our Twitter or Weibo accounts to gain more points and for new updates.

7. Copy and share your unique referral URL with your friends to earn more points.

Contest Rules:
1. Participants MUST join the ArcaFX official Telegram group to qualify

2. One unique Telegram ID and email address for one sign up, repeated entries will be disqualified

3. Duplicated IP addresses will automatically be disqualified from the contest

4. Only direct referrals count towards your point

5. The rewards will be distributed TWO weeks after the conclusion of the contest

6. ARCA rewards will be credited directly into participants' account on ArcaFX (registered with the same email address)

7. ArcaFX reserves the rights to disqualify any participant

About ArcaFX
Arca Futures Exchange (ArcaFX) is a derivatives cryptocurrency exchange that allows up to 100x leverage for its contracts.
In the heart of the ArcaFX digital asset ecosystem is the ARCA token, which subjects holders the privilege to participate in the token buyback scheme.

1. Perpetual contracts and spot exchange for ARCA/BTC pair as the 2 products on ArcaFX

2. ARCA, the native token of ArcaFX, and buyback mechanism will be implemented to ensure consistent financial growth for the token

3. High speed exchange, designed to eliminate downtime