BOTanica - a series of trading bots for Poloniex and Finance


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May 28, 2019
BOTanica - a series of trading bots for Poloniex and Finance

BOTanica - a series of trading bots

Botanica is a series of robots for automated trading on the Poloniex and Binance exchanges using the api Protocol. Apply a trading strategy of averaging with martingale and a given rate of profit

What bots can do:
  • trade all currency pairs available on the poloniex and binance exchanges.
  • independently choose from a user-defined list of currency pairs to trade, depending on the state of the market. It is also possible to simply the task pairs. (only version for Poloniex)
  • simultaneously trade multiple pairs (the quantity is unlimited)
  • enter the trade (place buy orders) in manual or automatic mode, using the algorithms of analysis of the current state of the market (detailed description of the algorithms below) (only version for Poloniex)
  • suspension and error processing of exchanges.
  • audible alert on trading transactions.
The trading process takes place according to the following algorithm:
  • Placing a buy order at the best price in a glass.
  • In the case of interrupting the rate of your bet, another order, the bot will automatically change the price for the best, until the bet is purchased.
  • After the execution of the buy order, a sell order will be created with the profit percentage specified in the settings, as well as the insurance Orer (buy) for further averaging, with a step and an increase coefficient (martingale), also specified in the settings.
  • In case of a fall in the rate and execution of insurance rates, the sell order will be changed taking into account the purchased orders. Also, new insurance rates will be added, if the rate fall limit specified in the settings is not reached.
  • When a sell order (profit taking) is executed, all outstanding insurance rates of this currency are deleted and the cycle will start again, with the same or with another currency pair, depending on the market condition and user settings of the bot.
Description of the algorithm for automatic selection of currency pairs:

The currency pair from the allowed list with the highest trading volume will be placed first, provided that:
  • a) you Can place an entry order with the best price below any of the indicators EMA(20) or EMA(30)
  • b) there is no pair satisfying the condition a) In the allowed list. In this case, the currency in which the current price is closest to the EMA(20) or EMA(30) indicators will be selected.
If it is easier to describe it in a few words, the bot tries to avoid purchasing currencies at the peak of prices and selects those currencies that are projected to increase.
  • Installing the bot:
  • First of all, set the regional settings, time zones (taking into account daylight saving time, if any) and the exact time according to Your location.
  • Create API keys with trading rights (Enable Trading), in the appropriate section of the personal account Poloniex.
  • Unpack the archive.
  • Run the program, file BOTanica.exe, set the desired settings for trading (see "Description of the settings and the program interface"). The calculation of the size of the rates can be made using the calculator, which is in the archive with the program, or use the upgraded calculator from mystikvano
  • Enter APIKey and SecretKey in the fields with the corresponding names.
  • Start trading with the "START" button»
For testing and preliminary acquaintance with the possibilities of the program there is a free-distributed version with restrictions:
  • the bet BTC, no more than 0.0005 btc (including taking into account martingale)
  • the bet ETH eth no more than 0.0005 (including taking into account martingale)
  • the size of the rate XMR, not more than 0.0005 xmr (including martingale)
  • the bet USDT, no more 2usdt (including taking into account martingale)
  • the number of simultaneously traded currencies, no more than 2
  • number of insurance rates per currency, not more than 40
Settings that exceed the allowed parameters are ignored by the program.

Version for BINANCE -

Version for Poloniex -