BOScoin, new cryptocurrency


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Nov 5, 2017
A quick outline describing BOScoin:

BOScoins decision-making process will be made by a Democratic Congress where node operators will have one vote for each node. BOScoin holders who want more than one vote will have to forgo rewards and need to have a separate IP address for each node they control.

You will be regarded as a Congress member if you meet the following criteria:

a) You have Internet access with stable network speeds.
b) You freeze at least four units of BOScoin (40,000 coins).
c) You participate in voting.

Congress members will receive 3 separate rewards for confirming transactions:

1. Freezing rewards.
2. Confirmation rewards and
3. Transaction rewards.

Each year freezing rewards will decrease by 5%, confirmation rewards will decreased by 6.1% and a transaction fee of 0.01 BOScoin will be charged per transaction, 70% of the transaction fee will be rewarded to node operators and 30% will be used to fund the Commons budget.

Congress members vote on proposals that are put forward by anyone holding a wallet that seeks funding from the Commons budget that want to build something on BOScoin's platform or promote BOScoin in any kind of way, there are two types of proposals:

1. Systems proposals.
2. Funding proposals.

Systems proposals are proposals that automatically change the code of the BOScoin platform and funding proposals are proposals that seek funding from the Commons budget, proposals need to pass by more than 10% to automatically get the funds requested. The main role of the Commons budget is to expedite growth of the coin in the early stages of its life.

BOScoin aims to launch with 2 ready-made apps:

1. Stardaq (and international celebrity popularity prediction market)
2. Delicracy (a collective decision-making tool that can be used by any organisation).

These applications serve as outlets to spend BOScoins and serve as channels for air dropping free coins