Blockport Token

Jan 9, 2018








An approximate of 1.000.000 of offered BPT tokens are assigned to their bounty program.

1 BPT is worth around 0.21 EUR and 0.25 USD.

When the community performs well as a collective, everyone participating in the bounty program will earn more BPT in absolute terms.

The Blockport Bounty program will be held in weekly periods.

Once the weekly period is over, they will review your bounty claims based on your content quality and social media engagement.

Once your claim is reviewed they will add the BPT tokens to your account balance accordingly.

The content you claim the bounty for must be published and accessible till the end of Blockport token sale.

First period: January 7–14, 2018
Second period: January 15–22, 2018
Third period: January 23–31, 2018
Fourth period: February 1–6, 2018
Fifth period: February 7–14, 2018
Sixth period: February 15–22, 2018
Seventh period: February 23–28, 2018

The Blockport bounty program runs until the total allocated amount of BPT is exhausted.

Contributors will receive their BPT tokens once the complete Blockport token sale has finished.

If you comment or share Blockport content, you should publish your honest and sincere opinions.

5 BPT for every person you invite to the bounty campaign.

Once you register for the campaign you receive a personal referral link.

Have you created content about Blockport but don't see it in the options?

Email them on and add Blockport Bounty + platform in the subject line of your email.

For example: if you have created a Youtube video about Blockport, your email subject line would look like this: Blockport Bounty Youtube.
Don’t forget to add the link to your custom action in the body of the email.

If you have a great idea about how you could spread the message about Blockport in a way that isn’t listed, email them on

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