Blockchain will reshape the recruitment market


Sep 27, 2017
There are currently very few practical methods for assessing the reliability of employee’s references. This problem can be solved thanks to reputation systems based on blockchain and crowdsourcing – says Kartik Mandaville, CEO in SpringRole, in’s #SundayInterview.

What’s your idea and why does job/recruitment market need SpringRole?

Kartik Mandaville: The job market is flooded with the unverified resumes. Reference checks are the way by which an employer checks the validity of the information that a potential employee has provided in his/her resume. The information provided varies and may include previous job experience, educational information, specific projects, and skills that the candidate possesses.

An estimated 53% of resumes contain some amount of factual inaccuracy. Thus, validation is very important in hiring a new candidate. If the documents or claims are not valid they can become a major concern for employers and can lead to rejection of the candidate or business risks down the line. Effective reference checking can prevent companies from making bad hires and weed out candidates that make false claims. Most reference checks involve checking attestations first made long ago, and these checks are repeated by many subsequent reviewers.

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Nov 22, 2017
Guys, hello.

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Nov 26, 2017
I'd say that blockchain is at its peak right now. A lot of people use it now, so I'd say it's nothing new really.