Blockchain courses in Viet Nam with many experts


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Oct 12, 2017
Blockchain is a technology used to build a data structure on a decentralized basis that, once data has been written, can not be edited or altered.
Blockchain technology is being studied at many of the world's leading financial and technology groups, including Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, and many other industries. banking, AI, IoT, supply chain, e-goverment, e-commerce

Currently in Vietnam to learn about blockchain technology has a lot of information sources. However, to get accurate knowledge should refer to the company specializing in this technology field and must be well-known companies to ensure accurate information.

Vietnamese companies, entrepreneurs, and government entities know about blockchain as a theoretical concept, but have no experience with its implementation. This blockchain course, simply the first in a series, is designed to respond to that reality by producing experienced engineers who are prepared to implement blockchain technology into real world settings and nationally-funded research projects.

Do Van Long, President Office Director at Infinity Blockchain Labs (website: concieved the program as a natural partnership between IBL and the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology. IBL is the industry leader in blockchain research and development while Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology is the nation’s flagship technology teaching and research university in Vietnam and first to successfully achieve ABET Accreditation (U.S Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) for their Computer Science & Computer Engineering programs. By combining their areas of expertise, the course presents complete yet accessible information.

Following this first four-week course, a six-week course in which students build an actual working demo on the blockchain will begin. In the third and final eight-week course, students will join existent projects at Infinity Blockchain Labs, gaining working knowledge of the technology and its real-world use. Beyond having the know-how to join R&D companies already working with technology, the goal is to have graduates of the course become leaders in implementing blockchain into health, finance, government and entertainment fields

You can see The course lecturers include here

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