Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Georgia 2018: Mining, Crypto Business and Regulation in Georgia


Jun 18, 2018
On June 20, Tbilisi will host the main crypto event of Georgia
Country for crypto business
Today, Georgia has no legal regulation of digital assets, but the authorities are committed to supporting crypto business. The country can provide exemption from taxes on profits and issued securities. The dividend tax will be only 5%. It creates favorable conditions for carrying out ICO.

According to Telasi and Energy-Pro Geogia, the price for electricity in Georgia is one of the lowest in the world: it's about $75 per 1 mWh for industrial enterprises (compared to e.g. China, where electricity costs $89.47 per 1 mWh). Therefore, even ordinary citizens create farms and mine cryptocurrency, mainly Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash.

Some financial institutions offer its clients legal purchase of cryptocurrency. Due to this, there is a bilateral exchange: fiat remains in the country and works for the economy of Georgia

Program and partners
The conference will feature Georgian and foreign crypto experts: entrepreneurs, investors, founders of blockchain companies, developers, representatives of state authorities, lawyers and economists.

Partners of the event are founders of blockchain industry in Georgia: Association Blockchain Georgia, Bitcoin Embassy Georgia and Blockchain Systems Institute. These organizations became the most active propagandists of blockchain and digital assets in the country.

Guests will enjoy discussions on topical issues: specifics of mining in Georgia, state regulation and state administration, prospects of ICO holding in the country.

Exhibition area will include well-known companies representing the international blockchain industry: suppliers of mining equipment and farms, ICO projects, blockchain platforms, integrators, developers and organizations providing technological and financial services.
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