Blockchain and IoT will change our social reality - #SundayInterview


Sep 27, 2017
Blockchain and IoT are both foundational technologies. Like the Internet they both have the capacity to completely change the way businesses operate in any sector and also have a significant impact on our daily lives from a social perspective – says Mike Taylor, Marketing and Communications at in’s #SundayInterview.

Let’s start with the basics: what is IoT and how far does it (want to) go into our daily lives?

Mike Taylor: The Internet of Things is the network between physical devices embedded with network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data. For most people, we imagine IoT technology in our daily lives as being limited to our engagement with consumer electronics and their ability to interface with processes, routines, and chores. We imagine analog technologies – our refrigerator, our air-conditioner, our car – becoming connected to our smart phones, providing us with usage data, automating to our preferences, and operating more effectively.

The idea that the individual is central to this network between devices is palatable but it’s only the entry point for understanding how IoT will impact our daily lives. We need to take the idea of our car collecting our data to perform better for us and scale it up. IoT technology yields an incredible amount of data regarding processes and routines at a social scale.

For individuals this means that by carrying a smart phone most of us are in effect enabling helpful data to be generated about them. This can be very helpful, because it call allow the systems we interact with to better serve us. As an example, it can streamline and maximize the impact of transportation services or garbage collection in the case of smart cities. However, while the amount of data that we are generating can allow us to be served more effectively it can also make us easy to market to, for better or worse.

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