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Sep 13, 2015
I and other people are looking for ways to reward miners that mine a block with the right version number.
At this time it is obvious we want reward miners to mine Bitcoin Classic blocks but the same tool could be used in the future for users to show their support for or against a specific Hard or Soft Fork and reward miners for the work done to accomplish this solution.

The initial idea was to have a feature implemented in wallets allowing people to pay a different tip if their transaction would be included in a Classic block or in a Core block.
Apparently it is not possible to do so with the current Bitcoin protocol (maybe this could be considered in a future BUIP or BIP).

A second idea was to implement a tip to the last Classic block coinbase transaction. This was implemented in a fork of Electrum Wallet and it could be included in the Official Electrum Wallet as a plug-in in the future. But other more popular wallet providers have show no interest in implementing this feature in their software.

The third iteration of the idea was to build a service that collect bitcoins in a wallet and send them to the coinbase addresses of Classic blocks following a specific algorithm we are developing to maximize the incentives of miners to mine Classic and reach the goal of 750/1000 blocks, then activating the fork.

There is a fourth iteration of the idea, that could reduce the need to make one or more specific transaction to specific addresses. If it can be done. This idea was to build some type of transaction as "anyone-can-spend" but with a trick. The trick would be to make the transaction spendable only if it is included in a block with the right version in it. The miners mining the block would be the ones spending them, of course. Do anyone know if it can be done?

If it can't be done, or no one know how to do it, we return to the web service receiving donations and analyzing the blockchain to reward individual miners.

If you are interested in helping us and can help with coding we would be glad to accept your help.
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