Bizanc DEX and Cryptocurrency BIZ


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Sep 9, 2019

The idea of Bizanc, an open decentralized platform, using Blockchain’s own protocol with a specific focus on value negotiation, was born, with the aim of facilitating and accelerating the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Bizanc mediates the interoperability between distinct Blockchains, and allows peers to pass market orders to a network composed of autonomous nodes responsible for ordering and executing in Bizanc’s public Blockchain, guaranteeing high audibility and transparency to the operation of the network. The Bizanc platform also features native token functionality, allowing users to easily merge digital assets with pre-established emission rules without the work of developing a proprietary Blockchain solution and leveraging the security and robustness of the Bizanc ecosystem.

BIZ Cryptocurrency

The Bizanc platform has its native currency, BIZ. BIZ serve as an award to miners who succeed in mining a block, and as a basis in asset pricing and intermediation between market operations. Intermediating between BIZ and currency pairs in the Exchange environment enables higher liquidity into Bizanc DEX.

BIZ, Coins & Tokens ERC-20

BIZ faces with top 30 digital assets from Bitcoin & Ethereum ecosystems. With BIZ you can negociate, pay & swap in a trustless enviroment with full security. It includes cryptocurrencies as such Bizanc(BIZ) Bitcoin(BTC) and Ethereum(ETH); Stable Coins as such Tether(USDT), DAI (DAI) and BRZ(BRL); ERC-20 as such Binance(BNB), Enjin(ENJ) and 0x(ZRX).

BIZ Trading

Bizanc expands on Blockchains standard functionality to allow, in addition to value transfering, to also enable a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) structure.
With Bizanc UX (Special Thanks to Gustamcastro), you can buy any token of price and quantity in a trussless solution. Providing a full security and assures the digital trade.

Beside that, BIZ are planned to be listed into other exchanges. Increasing the liquidity of ecosystem itself.

BIZ Payment

The transfers of any asset can be made by transaction into user wallet without custody.


Bizanc also enables the establishment of Atomic Swap orders. An operation is sent to the network determining the asset to be sold and which assets are to be accepted as form of payment, total amount and price. Other users may then transfer the predetermined assets so that they are converted to the target asset automatically (once the transaction is confirmed in one block) and atomically, without counterparty risk.

BIZ Mining & ROI.

Cryptocurrency projects differ from each other in various aspects. For example, Bitcoin’s primary focus is to become an independent payment framework. On the other hand, Ethereum permits the generation of smart contracts and has witnessed its generation increase by 7500 and 6700 percent in the last years.
BIZ is a cryptocurrency capable of interfacing with BTC, ETH, and ERC-20 tokens, and provides an asset pricing framework. This makes it extremely efficient for trading and an interesting scenario for miners.
Moreover, the BIZ miner receives attractive benefits like Block rewards and will get transaction fees on cryptocurrencies like BTC, BIZ, and ETH. This makes the mining procedure progressively gainful with a diversified portfolio.
Blockchain Technical specifications:

Ticker: BIZ;
BIZ Parity: All coins;
Blockchain Protocol: Bizanc;
Consensus algorithm: Proof of work;
Hash algorithm: Sha256;
Block time: 30 seconds;
BIZ price = 100 Satoshis ~ 0.01USD;
Inicial Cryptocurrency Circulation: ~10,00%;
Maximum Cryptocurrency Circulation: 21,552,048,000;
Interoperability: BTC and ETH and ERC20;
Reward per block: 750 BIZ;
Reward fees in: BIZ, ETH and BTC;
Elliptical Curve: ed25519;
Oracles Security Module: AWS CloudHSM.
Blockchain API: Blocks, Pools, Deposits, Transactions, Offers & Withdrawals;
Market API: Books, Pools, Ticker, Price & Volume;
Wallet API: Transfers & History operations;
No need KYC (Know Your Customer);
No need AML (Anti-Money Laundering);
Open Source.

How to buy BIZ?

Follow the steps to buy BIZ. Select one of 30 coins accepted.


1-Deposit wallet: bc1q3fqa63ktkn54lh78zq7ye5hgsm0s43wq2cyxsw;


3-Send to telegram group the follow information


1-Deposit wallet: 0x0F9bb1334078bE6B0daAc46B09aa0BaA4D0457F4;


3-Send to telegram group the follow information