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Jan 17, 2020
Hello dear crypto users! I would like to introduce my new bitcoin mixer

Now about my product:

- No Registration required for Tumbler.
- Friendly interface
- Multi address mixing function (forward mixed coins to different addresses)
- Service fee minimum is 0.1 %
- Delay
- Less than 0.002 BTC accepted
- Maximum 2 BTC
- Txfee (this function will help you to get fast confirm of mixed coins, very useful thing when network overloaded or when you want get confirmed coins as soon as possible)
- No logs policy: Yes
- Blockchain analysis turned out clean and we received fresh coins

My contacts:


Hope you will enjoy it!


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Mar 31, 2021
Over the past few days a certain platform; has been making False promises to help you make Bitcoin transactions anonymously with no trace of the transaction and after you send them your Bitcoin, They siphon it and pretend like you never ever made any transaction with them. An individual’s 13 bitcoin was stolen by them just recently... (Read accounts here);

do not interact with them or their platform and anything they are associated with!


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Mar 31, 2021
When we were little kids, we read fairy stories and learnt how the leprechaun keeps gold and vanishes if you take your eyes off him The platform; is the modern day leprechaun but even worse than that because they are keeping Bitcoin that doesn’t belong to them and are stolen from unsuspecting individuals (Read Here);

And if you do not pay close attention, they vanish with your hard earned cryptocurrency using the guise of being “mixers and anonymous”. They actually wipe away your transaction history from their platform! So far they have stolen 13 bitcoins and more people keep falling prey!!!


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Nov 9, 2021
You did good work, guys. All of your posts are very "helpful". Every promoted crypto mixer is definitely the best in its class with a superb interface and the rest shit. If I will use it all, will I beat Elon Musk's wealth? Or do I need to collect 10 of the best crypto mixers to create a legendary quality mixer? To be honest, I wish you would promote something really helpful, such as bitcoin fundamental analysis articles. Accurate information is far more useful than any of promoted tools. So, if your stuff won't predict Musk's tweets, don't even try to post something here.
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