BitTurbo - Useful tool for each trader


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Mar 19, 2018

BitTurbo is a community-based automated cryptocurrency trading software where users share learn and earn together. It’s easy-to-use and accessible to all types of customers. Auto trader, pump detector, strategy maker and more...​
  1. Auto-trader. Trading with all coin pairs that exist at supported exchange stocks. Beta ver. includes a limit on the number of traded pairs
  2. Pump detector. Bot checks coins prices every 5 min. and detects and hardly/softly pumping at exchange stocks
  3. Advanced training mode. Bot uses AI to memorize and handle data of trading strategies on the market
  4. Advanced analysis. Bot handles price history, total market capitalization and recently news
  5. Artifical intelligence
  6. Ready strategies
BitTurbo works with most popular exchange stocks includes: CRYPTOPIA, YOBIT, BITTREX, POLONEX, WEX, CEX.IO and etc. Perfect combination of two functions that only our robot offers. Learn to be a king of real pumps! Auto trader feature doesn't need to be represented. Bot just follows strategies developed by AI or you (optional). You can choose strategy from dropdown list in bot's menu. All bot's actions can be canceled or agreed within 4 minutes. You can make your own strategy with our friendly strategy maker (check it out at our website)

To try all features you have to do a few easy steps:
  1. Register at any exchange stock that our bot supports (CRYPTOPIA, YOBIT, BITTREX, POLONEX, WEX, CEX.IO)
  2. Download beta version from our website
  3. Try it for free with limited features & time
  4. Buy it in the future if you like it :)

Official website: