BitRewind: The World's First Bitcoin Price Insurance


New Member
Mar 14, 2018
Hi everyone,

I'm launching a new service called BitRewind ( and wanted to ask for your feedback. In short, BitRewind offers a price protection for your Bitcoin.


Currently, 1 BTC is traded at $8500. I can give you an insurance against a possible price drop so that you can protect your profit.

How It Works

1. Let's say you decide to buy an insurance so that if your BTC drops below $8500, you're protected.
2. If BTC drops to $7000, you get $8500 - $7000 = $1500 back. Therefore, you still have your $8500.

Price (one-week insurance)

- To protect at $6500: $73
- To protect at $7500: $152
- To protect at $8500: $457


- Minimum amount you can insure: 0.1 BTC
- You can be repaid in BTC or Tether (I might be able to support USD and Euro very soon).
- You can sell back / trade the insurance.

Let me know what you think.