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Mar 14, 2018


Games — Since computers have become a family asset, the games that come with it are always fun, from simple to complex, from ugly to beautiful, in the game, you can be anyone, anything, you exist anywhere, anytime and satisfy everything your brain imagines. Games are always evolving over the years, and this fertile land is never lacking in newcomers. Until one day, the game not only as entertainment, many people view it as a job, for example: streamer, youtuber, there are people who generate income by selling items in the game etc… they connect the community,
spreading diffusion to others, allthese people have been and are an important part of the virtual world. But nothing is perfect, money creates greed, hackers exploit vulnerabilities in the game to gain illicit profits, fraudsters steal money from the righteous, even the publisher also sells exclusive package their items, llayers do not have real rights to the in-game assets, since all of these assets are stored in the company’s servers, and they have full discretion. Games are often distributed by region and by machine. This, in turn, reduces the interaction among the gamers, most national games must integrate multiple payment platforms of different regions.


Understanding these inadequacies, some people with the desire to change reality. They brought the game to technology-blockchain. And the BitGuildproject was born.


Using blockchain technology, BitGuild is like an apartment, where all game developers can be there, develop their ingenuity, incorporate them into BitGuild systems and receive patronage and utilities. .
In addition to the basic benefits that developers make on traditional systems, they will incorporate the same blockchain to create a better interactive field.

If using technical terms, it’s hard to communicate with you, I’ll use a close example: you play a game, you have good items but do not use, you want to sell it to others but you Can only sell to the people in the game just like you, if you make an informal exchange with the hope of getting cash, the risk is fraud. But on the blochchain system, your property would be tokenized, and fully owned by said player. They’d be free to whatever they wanted with their collection, including select cards, selling duplicates, and trading with other players. And now I think you figured out, right !!! With the added bonus of being able to freely trade their virtual goods at their leisure, without any kind of restrictions imposed on developers and publishers with the intent to maximize profits. at the expense of good game design. The potential is truly limitless, and this is just the beginning.

BitGuild ecosystem !!

The BitGuild ICO project was developed to apply blockchain technology to remove the current weaknesses of the gaming industry. Thanks to blockchain technology, Bitguild wants to cut down on payment costs, reduce fraud and increase player interaction. The BitGuild ecosystem is expected to consist of six major components:

  • GAME: This is the platform that allows the Bitguild company to work together to release the game. To those games posted on the platform, developers will have to pay a PLAT fee.
  • WALLET: The Bitguild wallet allows users to store PLAT, ETH and other ERC20s, and these assets will be displayed under the PLAT, in addition to expected wallet support for some of the game’s digital assets.
  • MARKET PLACE: This is a trading platform that allows gamers to trade digital assets, traded on PLAT, which will be free of charge.
  • COMMUNITY: The Bitguild gaming community will be international, not narrow in the region.
  • TRANSACTION: extremely fast and convenient
  • DESIGN HOUSE: This is where developers solve their lack of capital. Developers can propose game production plans and recommend to the community to call for capital, safely.
Who is behind BitGuild ??
I will introduce you to some of the developers of BitGuild, they are not all but they represent their team, representing the level of the team:

Advisory Group:

Can not help but mention Justin Sun — TRON. Other prominent members include:


  • Name of the token: PLAT
  • Token type: ERC 20
  • Target hardcap: $ 27.8 million
  • Selling presale: $ 12 million (15% bonus)
  • Total supply: 10 billion
  • Price token: 80,000 PLAT / ETH
  • ICO sales volume: 45% of total supply





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Success comes from ideas, starting with enthusiastic people and flying high by the whole community
-Author: Hoangvuhk3110

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