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Apr 15, 2018
In the past decade, the gaming industry has always been a thriving industry, and the market has grown to hundreds of billions of dollars. This is a market that has the potential to grow in the future as the demand for entertainment is increasing. BitGuild is a project created to co-ordinate the gaming platform with Blockchain.


I. About BitGuild

BitGuild is a distributed gaming platform based on blockchain. The goal of the project is to address some of the issues that hinder players and companies in the current video game industry. Normally, currency, items and accounts can not be converted between games. This means that if your favorite game becomes outdated, all progress will take forever. Thanks to BitGuild and blockchain, players will have the opportunity to exchange and sell their personal items in the game.

II. BitGuild Benefits

Thanks to Blockchain technology, the platform of BitGuild will bring many benefits for users such as:

- More control over gameplay

There is "personal stake" in the gameplay

- Meet the content standards

- Mark the game property

- Accepted PLAT as a payment option

-A variety of play options, players and gadgets

III. TokenSale Details

The total supply of BittGuild PLAT Tokens will be generated is 10,000,000,000 (10 billion).

Token Distribution:

TokenSale: 45% of the tokens will be sold. Previous tokens sold in February, BitGuild has attracted more than 30,000 ETH and very few tokens will be sold publicly. So if you do not want to miss the chance to own a PLAT token.

BitGuild Foundation: 25% of the token will be held by the Singapore-based BitGuild Foundation. These tokens will be used to encourage developers to make blockchain-based games for BitGuild and use it for marketing. This tokens will be locked for 2 years with one fifth available after the token sale ends, and one fifth will be released after every six months.

Contributor & Advisor: 10% of the tokens. The number of tokens will be released over time.

Early Investors, BitGuild Group & Founders: 20% of the tokens. Likewise, the token is locked and released in 6-month increments.

IV. Roadmap

V. Development Team
The development team of BitGuild is composed of members who have extensive experience in the field of gaming and have enjoyed a lot of success. The list of advisers was very impressive, showing the seriousness and great prospects of the project. However, the number of members in the group seems to be small, in the future hopefully the project will expand and develop further. You can find out more details here.

VI. Personal Rating

BitGuild is a potential project with new idea, the whitepaper has a very good description and details. The development team has few members and lack the blockchain skills they hope will be hired and further improved. In my opinion this is still a worthwhile investment.

VII. Important Information:


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