Bitcoin will not make you rich

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May 4, 2019
Bitcoin will not make you rich, yes, you heard right, bitcoin will not make you rich. Let me say that one more time, bitcoin will not make you rich. Sure you might invest in bitcoin and even double or triple your money over the long term, and there is nothing wrong with that. Hell no, that is a great investment, but unfortunately those investing in bitcoin today will not be insanely rich in the future, the reason being is that bitcoin has already exploded in value. Cast your mind back to 2009 when you could purchase a single bitcoin for just a few cents, fast forward to 2019 and bitcoins current price is well over $6,500. Now that is what I am talking about, that is serious wealth creation over a 10 year period.
Now let’s return back to reality for just one moment, the only way to repeat that phenomenal growth of wealth in the future is to find an alternative to bitcoin. Yes they do exists, a whole cryptocurrency market full of alternatives to bitcoin. They are called altcoins, altcoins are bitcoins cousins. Altcoins are usual very, I repeat very cheap, usually a few cents on the dollar, but can have insanely explosive growth. Crypto investors have reportedly purchased a lazy $1000 into these altcoins and returned millions in profits. Crypto traders buy small parcels of altcoins and watch their account balances explode in value. One such altcoin is Canyacoin CAN, it’s only a few cents on the dollar but will have explosive growth. So let’s recap…bitcoin will not make you rich, you are better of finding an alternative cryptocurrency to bitcoin. My suggestion would be to look at the altcoin called canyacoin CAN.
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May 7, 2019
I'm not saying that I'm a prophet, but I have zero doubts that Bitcoin will make many people richer this year. Yesterday I've read an article, it has a paradoxical statement: "Currently, there is no good or bad news that could push the cryptocurrency market and Bitcoin price predictions in either direction." The irony is that right after stating that there's no news, the author names such upcoming events as Bakkt launch (forgetting to mention Fidelity that is ready to start working with Bitcoin), 2020 reward halving (remember when it happened two previous times, the price was skyrocketing the several months before the reward halving occurred), and some other "no news". Even skeptics are aware of factors that will increase the Bitcoin price drastically in the near future. Think of that.


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Dec 11, 2018
I think differently, because Bitcoin has already made many people rich, those people who bought bitcoins in 2009 for cents in 2019 still became rich. And just a year ago, people got the same chance, not identical, but still bitcoin goes up.
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Aug 16, 2019
Bitcoin can make you rich if you are lucky, i earned decent money with BTC flipping on LocalBitcoins com


Jan 20, 2018
If you can manage your finances, understand the cryptocurrency market, then cryptocurrency will definitely bring a certain income to a person. All in our hands.


Jun 11, 2021
Within 2-3 crypto cycles pretty much anyone can invest their way into life-changing wealth with bitcoin / crypto. 8-12 years is not a short amount of time, but the gains possible with crypto over that time pretty much beat every other investment vehicle out there in terms of ROI. We haven't had anything like this in the world before and we should consider ourselves lucky to be in this space when things are still very early relatively speaking.


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Nov 17, 2021
I agree with the people above. Cryptocurrency is the future and you can make good money on it, but for this you need to be smart about exchanging currencies. I track and change at
No problem.


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Nov 25, 2021
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