Bitcoin Unlimited Literature


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Aug 19, 2015
The beauty with any open source project is that individuals of different skills can provide their unique contribution thus creating a greater whole. Even more so in bitcoin which traverses law/philosophy/politics/economics/code/maths/ etc.

We have a pretty difficult task of persuading the majority (especially of miners) to actually *act* based on our common sense and intuitive approach as laid out by BU code. For any such persuasion to be effective, clear explanatory/persuasive essays/articles aimed at explaining/educating/teaching etc are highly desirable.

So if you want, for example, to condense @Peter R ' s subchain paper or fee market paper with the aim of it being accessible to a greater audience, or @theZerg 's paper to give a higher level, but still complete, explanation of the ideas contained, or if you want to perhaps go deeper on the beauty of order out of chaos that emerging consensus provides, or if you wish to write about some other angle, that would be highly beneficial for BU as it would allow for the ideas expressed by us as implemented in Bitcoin Unlimited to be spread far and wide, including by simple google search.

So I am opening this thread to request essays/articles/persuasive writings/ arguments/ ideas etc aimed at a wide audience to incorporate on the website thus increase it's visibility.