Bitcoin Unlimited in the press: an interview with "theZerg"


I conducted an interview with theZerg. Since it is for my german blog and I have not so many readers, I didn't polish the english text. So please excuse mistakes and just tell me, I will correct them.

I published it in english and without social media announcements

You can read it and if you are interested you can use it like you want to use it.

Now I start to translate it into german.

Thanks theZerg for the interview.

Edit: please don't kill me because typos etc. I'm going over it atm, but I'm a german, not an english author.

Peter R

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Aug 28, 2015
Great article! Haha but you spelled my name wrong in two unique ways (don't worry, no one gets it right): it's Rizun, not Rizoun or Rizous :)