Bitcoin transaction unsucsefull??


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Jul 21, 2019
I have made transaction with Bitcoin Core to the address 39UKph9mrn7yYeRHjjEQbXk2fxwR1V12ay (I wrote "ACR" in the field "Label", I think this shouldn't be the problem)

Those are the the details:

Status: 0/unconfirmed, not in memory pool
Date: 21.7.2019 23:05
To: acr 39UKph9mrn7yYeRHjjEQbXk2fxwR1V12ay
Debit: -0.00530795 BTC
Transaction fee: -0.00000221 BTC
Net amount: -0.00531016 BTC
Transaction ID: afd9cb7ac8604a691cd22d27e4b3fba6c2346c771d8b921f0ca9e53cbe70a26b
Transaction total size: 221 bytes
Transaction virtual size: 221 bytes
Output index: 1

But here it is not shown:

So I'm a bit confused what's up with this transaction now.