Bitcoin to help a family!

Tala Persinger

New Member
Feb 22, 2019
I am posting this on a few Bitcoin forums so we can get help for our dear friend Stephanie. Currently she had a death of a child and cannot afford funeral expenses for her daughter.

As of today we had raised around 500$ from local businesses in our area from collection jars and around 68$ on GoFundMe. Stephanie was a married stay at home mother of three before loosing her husband last year to a drunk driver. She has two children now and works 2 separate jobs trying to support them and barely making monthly rent. Stephanie's beautiful daughter ashley, age 11, past away on February 18th, 2019. Ashley reminded all of us how fun our child hood was in Erie. It was a tremendous loss when she left our community. To help Stephanie is our last chance to do something to show Ashley how much we loved her.

Anything will help Stephanie and all the money received will go towards the funeral expenses. If, any money is left over, it will go to supporting her family. Stephanie knows that her hometown community has been taking donations for her but, she keeps going to work and not taking the time off needed. We personally think she should be taking all the time she needs to get the support desperately needed thats why our community is doing everything we can to try and make things easier for her.

We are using coinbase so, all bitcoin will be converted into cash an then withdrawaled into a PayPal account for Stephanie.

Please, If you can donate even 1$, .50¢ please send to:

God Bless,
Erie Community

Bitcoin transaction will be converted at night every few days and, added in together as one total to the GoFundMe Page. Donation will say Sent from "Bitcoin Community".

Again, thank you and we will update this post every few days or so. If you would like to add your name to the donations, please send a message. God Bless - The Erie Community

We are sorry if this is the wrong section to put our post in but, if so, please move it to the right one.