Bitcoin Subsidium - XBTX - A minable complementary coin to TELOS


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Nov 16, 2019

BitcoinSubsidium is the first out of 2 complementary coins of TELOS inside the Transcendence project.

Community pre-mine will start Wednesday 20 November 2019

Keep an eye out.

Bitcoin Subsidium is Anti ASIC and targeted as like TELOS to fit the requirements of low cost gadgets as the Blueboxes (, and blue

XBTX pre-mine will happen on Blueboxes and ends after 1 months when the last 2 Bluebox Gold versions arrive Australia.
XBTX and TELOS can be swapped in the future directly in the wallet next to indiecoin.

In stage 1 there will be a separate BitcoinSubsidium wallet.
In stage 2 there will be the Transcendence Dashboard to combine both (TELOS and XBTX).

Transcendence thread can be found here:

Bitcoin Subsidium and TELOS will be combined in the Transcendence Blockchain which will lead to full decentralization through two chains (PoS and PoW) leading to a fully secure digital financial system.

Blocktime 1 minute.
5 coins per block. max supply.
Mineable with cpu and gpu (OpenCL).
Algo : X16r
500 XBTX required to create an asset on top of the BitcoinSubsidium chain.

Roadmap for BitcoinSubsidium
Pre-Premine during development for community members ends in November 2019
This is followed by a community Pre-Mine with 1 month (30 days) duration. Ends in December 2019
After that we release Wallets for Windows, Linux and MacOS. Android wallet is already present in Playstore. -> Decemeber 2019

Currently you can manage XBTX on Birake Exchange

Also you can manage it via Android Wallet and if you own a Piggybank 2.0

XBTX allows to create your own ASSETS as like Raven. We will create assets in order to allow investment in Smartvending Machines

You can pay but you can also invest into Machines by holding VEND Token.
This Token will be offered by our upcoming Exchange which will be driven by our Estonian Company (website is just a placeholder)

Also we will create the CO2 TOKEN on top of XBTX which is part of the project which automatically exchanges mining and Masternodes-Rewards into CO2-certificates.

Followed by this we will also get XBTX listed on as we did with TELOS.
Accept and XBTX as donation or embed a Checkout- payment gateway in you website or shopify and similar systems.

XBTX will also store CryptoMages Trading cards. will accept also XBTX in 1st quarter 2020 will introduce governance also to XBTX holders. 2nd quarter 2020

TelosPay will also accept XBTX for Payment and adding Debitcard balance on the go. 3rd Quarter 2020 (which is going to launch soon) will accept XBTX in 4th quarter 2020. basic income lotter without any participation fee will add XBTX as well as donation vehicle. will offer together with 2 other partners the service of creating STO's incl. regulatory services to everyone. All these will be based on XBTX.


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Nov 16, 2019
Aeguana finished some Softwaretasks this week .. Second XBTX based token incoming. Vending machine should arrive end of the week. Basically the first 3 months of 2020 will be XBTX weeks : )