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Nov 4, 2016

I represent the site

This is the only block explorer and processing for Bitcoin in Russia.

advantage cryptocurrency as everyone knows:

1) the anonymity

2) the transaction doesn't get canceled and doesn't return (no Charge-back)

3) easy to fill up and bring money around the world

4) low commission

advantage of working with our company:

1) we aren't able to block the customers wallets (unlike Bitpay,, Coinbase ...), so that your money will be in complete safety

2) we work all over the world without restrictions

3) we do not care that the processor, the main writer of the code is correct

Here is a link to the API:

to create a temporary address for each client and receive Bitcoins to your wallet, use the interface

Create payment address :{p...{callback}

where, payout_address - this is your Bitcoin address where the money will be forwarded to.

callback - a reference which will knock our server to validate the transaction.

Do not check this option to make URL-encoded !!!

In response to this request, you will receive a JSON with Bitcoin address for the client, invoice and payment_code.

Keep all three variables. And the address to send the payment to the client.

The file that will receive callbacks, the required number of acknowledgment email invoice in response to this request.

If you need help, feel free to write us or support@bitaps .com We are waiting for you!
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Mar 13, 2016
at first glance, your api looks pretty darn good.

not sure what you mean by
" we do not care that the process, the main write the code correctly "

well done with the API
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Aug 19, 2015
Please don't post the same thread in 3 different subforums. Dupes deleted.
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