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luke kelly

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May 2, 2018
The way modern society is going with the 'big brother' system in place... it would be silly of us to be so naive in thinking we are safe.
Being Safe and being Secure are 2 different things.... You can be Secure in a lot of places... walking down the street, in your work building... even feel secure in your own country. but being Safe is a feeling you get when you feel at ease. Generally we feel at ease within our own home, and within our home we will have a certain room or a certain spot where we feel most safe.
Being safe in modern society is an important aspect, with Snowdens revelations regarding the extent of spying within the American government and CIA, who can blame anybody for thinking they were not being watched before this large leak.

The leak of such information opened everybody's eyes (people who understand what he has said anyways), the CIA allowed mass surveillance on their home turf, this begs the questions on just how deep the CIA and other spy agency's go within the public community to keep us 'Secure'.. This is the branding they use to allow such laws to pass governance, if you check back (especially in the UK) history which relates to terrorism, every major terrorist attack allowed for new surveillance laws to pass giving the public less and less privacy / freedom.

Apps and websites that allow such privacy are sought as 'terrorist' apps and are bad mouthed... What-apps came under first for this, so did telegram amongst many.

So how does this relate to cryptocurrencys, cryptocurrencys allow data to travel with a block-chain and keeps it somewhat secure. it also allows people to hold money out side of current financial institutes which allow tracking of your funds and will happily give this information to the government.. i dont know about any of you guys but myself i am very private and i have nothing to hide but i wouldn't even tell my friends how much money i have so to allow such agency's and governments to have free rein and access to my money makes me extremely wary.

Cryptocurrencys are good in this aspect however they do then allow for their own flaws, everybody knows by now that bitcoin can be tracked should it be needed to... Everybody also knows that other privacy coins out there not implementing ZK-Snarks can Also be tracked should enough effort be put in.. its been reported that analysts have tracked Monero Coins Through IP's left on the block-chain making it somewhat... Not Private.

This is why i believe Bitcoin Private will succeed within this sector promoting the best currently available Privacy technology and allowing for implementation of new privacy technology in the future( zk -Starks)

It has a standard 2MB Block every 2.5 minutes, it has no founders fees (Like Zcash), it didn't implement an ICO as such, but a 'donation pool' for its miners and has confirmed it will be updating all the BTC Updates from the last 3 years, again which Zcash has not done. It has a massive 100 contributing and active members as well as a 1000+ Ambassador Program which is worldwide with meet ups already going ahead! and we have a 85k+ Community following across several platforms.

Come join the Revolution - The Privacy Revolution. We are BTCP #BTCP